A summer storm bears down on farmer W.C. Miles as he chops weeds on a North Delta plantation in Lake Cormorant, MS. Miles’ father Willie Coffee was a musician who learned guitar from Robert Johnson and Son House, playing with them at parties in the North Delta. House made some of his earliest recordings at Clack’s store in Lake Cormorant, including the haunting «Death Letter Blues» which began: «Got a letter this morning, how you reckon it read?/ Said ‘Hurry, hurry, Gal you love is dead’/ Grabbed up my suitcase, took off down the road/ When I got there, she was laying on the cooling board/ I walked up close, looked down in her face/ Said farewell honey, I’ll see you judgement day/ Woke up this morning, just a little ‘fore day/ Hugging the pillow where my good gal used to lay.»